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Spinn Candy, Cotton Candy Business Startup Program

Spinn Candy's startup program maybe is a viable option to consider for replacing income. Our program provides 100% of what you need to get started in the cotton candy business fast and efficiently. Our program also provides valuable advise on how to incorporate a new business. secure articles of incorporation and a tax ID number, open a business checking account and how to invoice and receive payments.

Spinn Candy was started 7 years ago by Tim and Cindy Moran. We have had experience in setting up and operating retail stores, processing center and marketing and selling cotton candy and gourmet sugars to both retail and wholesale customers. 

We have sold cotton candy at all types of local, regional and private and commercial events to include weddings, farmer markets, festivals and corporate brand promotions. In addition, we established a substantial base of prepackaged customers for party favors, brand promotions and private label cotton candy for gourmet food stores and candy stores.

Although we still have an active cotton candy business we have shifted our focus more to the gourmet flavored sugar market. We have leveraged our high quality and extensive menu of flavors into a strong domestic and international business. No other supplier of cotton candy sugars has such an extensive menu of both traditional and unique flavors perfect for all types of events and retail store self manufacturers. 

Our startup program is a unique, successful program designed to greatly minimize the risk of starting your own business. You not only receive the critical information for the cotton candy business but also you will benefit from the 30 years of startup and hands- on operating experience the Moran's offer.

We consider ourselves to be not only experts in the cotton candy business but also extremely knowledgeable in starting and operating most types of retail and commercial businesses. We understand the key ingredients needed for a successful business, sales and marketing plan, superior quality product, high customer service, personal focus and hard work.

Our program removes much of the risk of having to invent a quality product. Our flavored sugars are commercially proven as a premium quality product having over 300 repeat customers in the US and Internationally.

Our high quality is based on blending our sugars with 100% pure cane granulated sugar, ultra fine and used by some of the finest bakeries. The sugar we use is the highest commercial grade sugar and is processed with no preservatives or chemicals and is soy, gmo, dairy, gluten and peanut and peanut tree free.

By being a Spinn Candy startup client you have access to all 60 of our gourmet flavors, a huge advantage that you can effectively market on your website and other forms of social media. In addition, we can produce most custom flavors for special events and or regional preferences.

Our Middle Eastern clients order custom flavors, such as, saffron, cardamon, passion fruit, rose and more. Our Southwest customers love our pickle, whiskey, hot chili and jalapeno. No other sugar supplier will process such a variety of custom flavors.

What do we look for in people wanting to be a Spinn Candy startup client? We consider several attributes to be important. Prior business experience, not necessarily as an owner but specific experience, such as, customer service, sales, marketing and or social media. Having a ready network of friends would be important for the event market.

From a personal standpoint we look for people who are motivated, creative and have a strong desire to own their own business.

Our program requires little in upfront capital and you can be up and running in less than 60 days. From the day you sign up until the day you start selling, and beyond, we are there to assist, train and guide you through the all the steps to becoming a viable business.

We work fast and efficiently making sure you have everything necessary for a successful startup. Call us for more information or email tim@spinncandy.com.











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