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'It's All About Quality'

Growing up in New Jersey I have wonderful memories of our Ocean City  vacations and the special experience of strolling the boardwalk every evening. Especially memorable was the unique boardwalk candies, especially cotton candy. What was a summer beach vacation without having the classic blue and pink cotton candy cones.

It was after a vacation with my own family that Spinn Candy was conceived. Once home we searched high and low for packaged cotton candy and we were disappointed to find only poor quality and in only two flavors, blue and pink.

Long story short we decided to start our own cotton candy business in NJ with the goal of creating premium quality cotton candy with our own hand blended high quality sugars.

We decided from the start to test many brands of commercial grade sugars and ingredients. Since cotton candy is 99% sugar choosing the very best sugar was critical to our success.

The sugar we choose and still use nine years later is the purest grade of commercial granulated sugar, ultra refined. This grade of sugar is processed without any preservatives or chemicals and spins cotton candy that is remarkably superior to typical cotton candy sugar.

Over the next several years slowly but surely we began to create an amazing menu of over 60 flavors of gourmet sugars, all 100% allergen free. Today, although we do still sell prepackaged cotton candy, our main focus is growing our flavored sugar business.

Today, we still adhere to our founding principal of providing the highest quality product to the market. We have regular sugar customers in all lower 48 states and several European and Middle Eastern countries. Once our clients use our product their customers see the difference in quality - superior texture, color and flavor.


 - Cindy and Tim Moran Co-Founders