About Us

Spinn Candy was started with the goal of creating a superior quality of cotton candy. The key to making premium cotton candy starts with the flavored sugar. We experimented with all types of commercial sugar to find the absolute highest quality sugar floss. We feel confident our line of gourmet cotton candy flavored sugar mixes are the very best.

Now, we are making our gourmet flavored sugars are available for both the home and commercial cotton candy machines. Our menu of thirty five flavored floss sugars includes the classic favorites, like blue and pink, but also many custom flavored sugars like Champagne, Marshmallow, and Mint Chocolate Chip.

When you spin cotton candy from Spinn Candy gourmet flavored cotton candy sugars your guests and customers will immediately taste the difference and tell you with the biggest smile that 'this is the best cotton candy I have ever had, it is amazing'. We guarantee you will be thrilled with our product. Happy Spinning!