Spinn Candy Offering Unique Flavored Sugar and Gourmet Cotton Candy Franchise

Spinn Candy offers international distributor franchise opportunities for it's gourmet flavored sugars and or cotton candy. We have created a unique business opportunity for qualified business people to start and operate a Spinn Candy gourmet sugar business in major international cities and countries. Our gourmet flavored sugar line has been five years in the making and every flavor has been meticulously blended to perfectly balance color and taste.

Every day we receive inquiries and orders from international companies interested in our gourmet sugars. The interest in Spinn Candy's product is strong because our flavored sugars are superior in quality and available in over forty traditional and unique flavors. We use only the finest quality sugar, ultra refined pure organic plus natural and kosher certified flavors and colors. The cotton candy produced from our gourmet sugars has an amazingly soft and smooth texture with flavor that is 100 percent true to it's name. We can also make custom flavors that have strong cultural or regional appeal.

The Spinn Candy franchise opportunity provides exclusive major regional rights to market and sell our full line of gourmet flavored sugars plus make and sell cotton candy for major events. In addition, to sales exclusivity the Spinn Candy program provides all flavor and color formulations, necessary ingredients, specifications on organic sugar and packaging, support in creating a regional online shopping site, retail and wholesale pricing, access to all future flavor formulations and on-site flavor formulation training. Long term consulting is also part of the program. Contact owner email, tim@spinncandy.com.

This is a wonderful opportunity for people already in the event and candy business. We know the market opportunity is strong because every day we receive serious inquiries and orders from countries like Canada, Singapore, India, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, UK, Italy, Poland, China, Puerto Rico, Japan, Indonesia and many more. 

The terms for securing a Spinn Candy flavored sugar wholesale/retail supply distributorship will vary depending upon the size of the geographical exclusivity and the strength of the local sugar related markets. In general, Spinn Candy is seeking to build franchise distributorships and or partnerships in regions/cities with cities and regions with dense populations. If you are in a strong market area and are interested in receiving more information about becoming an international Spinn Candy distributor or partner please contact tim@spinncandy.com.