'Start Your Own Cotton Candy Business' Program, Call 908.291.8190.

The gourmet cotton candy business is a great home business to start. It is a fun business that 1) requires little upfront cash or capital 2) can be operated with one or two people and 3) has low overhead and 4) high profits. 

The competitive advantage you gain from our startup program is the unlimited access to our full line of over 60 gourmet sugar flavors at wholesale pricing. 

Custom flavors like hot chili, bacon, whiskey, gummy bear, pink champagne, chocolate marshmallow and more. Unique flavors that only you will have and all made with the highest quality ingredients. Your cotton candy will have amazing taste and texture and be 100% allergen free.

The Spinn Candy winning program includes:

* Machine and Machine Accessories.  We supply a mid size commercial machine that will produce 60-70 event size cones per hour. We also can supply the best higher production machines.

* 1000 Ounces Flavors of Gourmet Sugars. 1000 total ounces of ready to spin premium sugars, enough for 1000 servings which will generate $3000-$4000 in event and/or prepackaged sales. 

* Packaging and Supplies. You will receive 1000 of our standard clear heat sealable packages, to include a heat sealer. In addition, we can recommend other packaging for custom prepackaged orders.

* Sales and Marketing Plan. The sales and marketing plan will identify the major target markets and the best ways to secure sales for each market.  

Training. We will train you via skype or facetime on machine operation, heat control, spinning, packaging, heat sealing and boxing for the lowest shipping cost.

* Short and Long Term Consulting. Short term we can help you with things like incorporating your new business and the best ways to bill and receive payments. Long term we are available to help you grow your business.

Our program will guide you through your startup step by step from the initial incorporation of your business to the day you start to receive orders.

Our goal is to get you started selling quickly with the right machine, sugars, packaging and supplies. Plus you receive enough sugar and packages to cover the entire cost of the program. Special program pricing thru 1/31.

Please call us for program details at 908.291.8190 or email tim@spinncandy.com. 

Testimonial: 'My cotton candy business only spins Spinn Candy sugars. It has only been months but my business has grown rapidly! I attribute much of my success to Spinn Candy's superior product and excellent customer service. Give them a try and don't look back! You will not regret it!' Jennifer F. Rochester NY. 

Testimonial: 'We used Spinn Candy's startup program one year ago and we are so happy we did. They delivered on everything they promised plus many of our best sellers are custom flavors made special for our Middle Eastern market. Thanks Spinn Candy for being a fantastic partner'. Nouriah A., Kuwait.