'Start Your Own Cotton Candy Business' Program, 908.291.8190.

Spinn Candy's Startup Program can be a great way to earn additional income even on a part time basis. The past two years ago we have helped people start their own business in many parts of the US and Internationally.

We started Spinn Candy seven years ago and have extensive experience in every phase of the business. We established a amazing line of gourmet flavored sugars that insures you will have a significant competitive advantage. Last year we made custom flavors for a client that generated $250,000 in cotton candy sales at a large month long event.

Spinn Candy provides you with a unique opportunity to have your own fun and profitable business. We have a number of startup options to fit everyone's budget and business goals, from straight consulting to providing a full turn key service where we provide 100% of everything you need to get started.

The turnkey program includes a machines or machines, flavored sugars ready to spin, custom sugars, packaging for prepackaged, sales and marketing advice, wholesale pricing on future sugar orders, training and long term consulting.

Our program is not a franchise. There are no ongoing payments based on future sales. We have a one time startup fee that is extremely reasonable and insures you have a fast, efficient and successful startup.

Please call 908.291.8190 email tim@spinncandy.com for more detailed information about our program pricing and how Spinn Candy can help get you started in your own profitable business.

Testimonial: 'My cotton candy business only spins Spinn Candy sugars. It has only been months but my business has grown rapidly! I attribute a good part of my success to Spinn Candy's superior product. Over time they have also provided me with excellent customer service. Give them a try and don't look back! You will not regret it!' Jennifer Falanga, Rochester NY.