Start Your Own Profitable Cotton Candy Business with Spinn Candy. 908.291.8190.

Our program includes everything you need for a successful startup. We provide machines, packaging, gourmet flavored sugars, sales and marketing assist and training. The advantages of owning your own cotton candy business are 1) low startup capital 2) operated from home 3) can include family members 4) full or part time 4) high profitability 5) flavored sugars at wholesale pricing 6) Spinn Candy's long term consulting. 

We have owned 2 retail stores, established our brand with major national retailers, spun at large corporate events, tapped into the custom party favor market, developed our own line of over 50 gourmet flavored sugars ( which we sell online) and we have established our successful cotton candy startup program in the US and internationally. Please call 908.291.8190 or emai tim@908.291.8190 for more information.