Start Your Own Profitable Cotton Candy Business with Spinn Candy. 908.291.8190.

Owning your own small business is everyone's dream. As owners of Spinn Candy and three other small businesses we have never worked for anyone, except for ourselves. The independence of being your own boss, to us, is worth the day to day challenges of the small business owner. Late last year we decided we would create a Cotton Candy startup program for people wanting to have a small profitable business that requires low upfront capital investment.

Our program has many advantages in addition to supplying all of the equipment and supplies. First, we have done it all ourselves, meaning you don't have to make all the mistakes because we already have. Second, we are seasoned business people with excellent communication and mentoring skills. Third, we have developed our own line of gourmet flavored sugars in over 50 traditional and unique flavors, allowing you to promote high quality cotton candy in custom flavors. Fourth, we know several lucrative ways to market and sell cotton candy. Fifth, we will train you either on site or via facetime. Sixth, we make ourselves available beyond the training period for as needed consulting. Seventh, our program is reasonably priced and requires less initial capital.

Please contact by email or by phone to hear more about starting your own cotton candy business. We prefer phone because we can get a better idea of your commitment and goals. or 908.291.8190.