Boozy Menu of Sugar Flavors


Spinn Candy has added some great 'boozy flavors' of cotton candy sugars. Every flavor has been hand mixed to promote the best possible alcohol flavor. You can order our Boozy 6 Pak or our Boozy 12 pak, both in 17 ounce jars. In addition, you can order each flavor separately in either a 58 ounce or 168 ounce container. 

The Boozy 6 Pak sells for $59.95 and the Boozy 12 Pak sells for $99.95 plus flat rate shipping of $10. 

Boozy 6 Pak, Champagne, Merlot, Pina Colada, Amaretto, Brandy, Gin Martini

Boozy 12 Pak, Above 6 @ Raspberry Champagne, Bourbon, Peach Champagne, Irish Creme, Chocolate Gin Martini and Mint Julep.