Gourmet Cotton Candy Sugars- Any 10 Flavors

Spinn Candy

Boost your sales and profits with our superior quality and expansive menu of flavors. Our new Test Pack has ten- 12 ounce jars of blended gourmet flavored sugars and you can choose any ten from menu of over 50 flavors. Our 10 Pack is the perfect way to test cotton candy flavors. 

Suggested ten flavors : blue raspberry, strawberry, green apple, champagne, mint chocolate chip, grape, caramel, peppermint, birthday cake and lemon-lime.

Please use the NOTES space on the checkout page to name your 10 flavor selections. Our gourmet flavored sugars are blended with ultra fine 100% pure cane organic sugar and natural ingredients. Our sugars are gmo, gluten and allergen free.

The combination of using the highest quality ingredients and special blending process guarantees your sugars will make consistently fluffy cotton candy with exceptional flavor and texture.

'We love your sugars! We tested Spinn Candy against two other companies. One had more flavors and both were higher in price. Your sugars arrived a full week before the others and were FAR superior with much better flavor. We will be happy to recommend you to others without hesitation.' Stephanie B. October 2019.


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