Gourmet Flavored Sugar, 168 Ounce Bulk Container, 150 Servings, Free Shipping

Spinn Candy

Gourmet Cotton Candy Flavored Sugars, 168 Ounce Container, 150 Servings. Our premium sugars are hand blended with ultra refined 100 percent pure cane granulated organic sugar and the highest quality ingredients. Our sugars are GMO, Gluten, Peanut and Tree Peanut free. Free Shipping.

Our flavored sugars spin into amazingly light and fluffy cotton candy with 'spot on' flavor. Our wholesale clients receive higher event sales because of our superior quality flavored sugars.

The 168 ounce container is our most popular and can be ordered in any of our 50 handcrafted flavors. We are always happy to blend new custom flavors. Wholesale pricing is available on orders of $250 and over. Please inquire.

All of our large commercial containers are bubble wrapped and carefully boxed to avoid shipping damage. We ship USPS priority to all US locations. Call for rush orders. 

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