Gourmet Cotton Candy Flavored Sugar Party Pak, Choose Any 12 Flavors

Spinn Candy

You can choose any 12 flavors in our gourmet 12 jar Party Pak. Every sugar flavor is hand mixed with ultra fine 100 percent pure organic sugar and natural flavoring. Our flavored sugars spin gourmet cotton candy that is super fluffy with unmistakable name flavor. Choose any 12 flavors from our menu of 35 gourmet flavors. Please type the 12 flavor names from our FLAVOR PAGE into the 'ORDER NOTES' space on the checkout page. 

Your sugar order is made fresh and we guarantee perfect color and taste from every spin. The Party Pak is ideal for small to medium home cotton candy machines. Each 12 ounce jar of flavored sugar will yield 8-10 spun cones or a total of 100-120 servings per 12 jar pack. Our Party Pak is perfect for all types of home parties and events. 

Most popular cotton candy flavors include, Champagne, Cherry, Blue Raspberry, Marshmallow, Root Beer, Rose, Pina Colada, Merlot, Mint Chocolate Chip, Mango, Caramel, Bubble Gum.


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