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Gourmet cotton candy floss sugars hand blended with the finest natural ingredients in 60 unique flavors

Since 2013 Spinn Candy has become known for producing premium floss sugars with consistent and superior 'robust' flavor. Boost YOUR sales by treating your customers to any of our 60 unique and delicious sugar flavors.

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Our premium sugars are blended with the purest grade of pure cane granulated sugar and natural ingredients.

Every sugar flavor is 100% allergen free and Kosher certified

peanut free
gluten free
dairy free
non gmo
soy free


  • 5

    Spinn Candy's been a business game changer. We take pride in using their sugars.Each and everyone of our customers is thrilled with our cotton candy that always has quality ingredients and is always full of flavor. Plus our sales have grown tremendously since using Spinn Candy sugars.

    Olivia B., Fluff Cotton Cady Co

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    I found Spinn Candy 6 months ago and I am thrilled that I did! We now stock 27 flavors and our event sales have literally doubled. Never thought we would be so busy. Highly recommend Spinn Candy sugars!

    Tiffany, Austin Texas.

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    Now that you have come to Spinn Candy sugars, look no further. You have found everything you are looking for and more. They have, by far, the best sugars out there, hands down. I will continue to use Spinn Candy for all my future events.

    Tammy S., Pitcairne, Pa.

  • 5

    We recently added cotton candy to our shaved ice business using Spinn Candy sugars and our sales have soared! We now offer 40 flavors same as our ice cones.

    Randi O., SC

  • 5

    Great product! Wicked good flavor. Our customers are thrilled with our new flavors. We now use multiple machines at our events offering many more flavors than before. Strongly recommend Spinn Candy sugars.

    Peter W., Abilene, TX

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    Spinn Candy sugars are the best we have tried. We only wish we had found them sooner. Their quality and customer service has been wonderful! We now only use Spinn Candy sugars.

    Rita L., Albany, NY

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