premium cotton candy floss sugars - 60 FLAVORS all hand blended with finest natural ingredients for exceptional flavor

For the past 12 years Spinn Candy has become known for producing sugars with consistent and superior flavor. 'Flavor that's true to it's name.'

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Our prolonged blending process uses ultra fine pure cane granulated sugar, which is the purest commercial grade sugar, processed with no preservatives or chemicals. We then double blend with the finest natural ingredients ensuring all sugar granules are fully saturated for amazingly robust flavor.

ALL FLAVORS 100% Food allergy free

peanut free
gluten free
dairy free
non gmo
soy free


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    'Spinn Candy's been a business game changer. Each and everyone of our customers is thrilled with our cotton candy that always has quality ingredients and is always full of flavor'.

    Olivia B., Fluff Cotton Cady Co

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    'We have tried all the sugars out there and Spinn Candy sugars are the very best. We have yet to be disappointed with any of their flavors. Our only regret is we didn't find them sooner. Highly recommend Spinn Candy!'

    Tammy S., Pitcairne, Pa.

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    'Your products are great quality, superior to other suppliers I've been testing. My customers are blown away by the products that I create with your sugars. My business is taking off and Spinn Candy will be my go-to sugar supplier. Your sugars really are stellar!

    Peter W., Abilene, TX