Become an Exclusive International Producer of Cotton Candy and Flavored Sugar Distribution

Spinn Candy is a US based specialty producer of bulk cotton candy and gourmet flavored sugars. We have been in the cotton candy and flavored sugar business for 9 years serving both the US and International markets.

Our flavored sugars are hand blended with the highest quality ingredients and are sold to cotton candy businesses, retail candy stores and confection related businesses.

We produce over 60 floss sugar flavors all having the perfect combination of color, flavor and texture. There is a strong demand for custom cotton candy flavors in the International markets we now serve. We have two established International programs.

First, providing everything required to make high quality cotton candy. Included is a high quality, high output commercial cotton candy machine and accessories, enough flavored sugar to produce 2500 servings of cotton candy, 2000 paper cones, 2000 heat sealable packages, sales and marketing information for your city or country, future sugar supply at wholesale pricing, long term consulting and exclusive sales and marketing rights for your region. The cost of this program is $25,000 plus a reasonable annual fee for continued exclusive sales and marketing rights.

Second, includes all the provisions of the first cotton candy program plus the exclusive rights to sell and market our gourmet flavored sugars to your city, province or country. You would be able to not only market and sell our existing line of sugars but you would also be able to order custom flavors for regional preferences.

The sugars would be sold at a wholesale price necessary for the distributor to make an acceptable level of profit. So wholesale pricing may vary depending on an individual region.The cost of purchasing a sugar distribution program starts at $25,000 for cities or regions with population up to 10 million.

Beyond the 10 million population the fee would increase with a population of over 10 million. If a party decided to purchase both programs the initial fee would be $50,000. With either program the purchaser must have adequate funding to sustain reasonable ongoing business activity.

We are interested in establishing distributorships in all major European cities and countries. 

Please contact or submit your inquiry using our contact form or call 908.291.8190.