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International Gourmet Flavored Sugar Distribution Opportunities

Spinn Candy is a US based specialty producer of flavored sugar of the highest quality. We sell our sugars worldwide because of our high quality and amazing menu of both traditional and custom flavors. Our gourmet sugars can be sold by traditional methods to candy stores, cotton candy businesses and bakeries and/or on large established e-commerce platforms.

If you are an existing regional or countrywide confectionery distributor the Spinn Candy brand can be added to your existing line of sugar products. We are also open to establishing private label agreements within the overall distributor program.

In addition, we often create unique custom flavors to satisfy regional flavor preferences and we provide flavor samples for extensive flavor testing. We produce alcohol flavored sugars for the bar and restaurant industry.

Our distributor program can include an exclusive licence to produce and sell cotton candy packages under the provisions of our Cotton Candy Startup Program, which can also be a stand alone business agreement where we provide 100% of what you will need to start and successfully operate your own cotton candy business.

Online marketing of our gourmet sugars presents an additional opportunity for sales under your own e-commerce platform or platforms like Amazon, Ebay and others.

Our distributor programs start at $50,000 based on the population of your region. Exclusive agreements are also considered. Qualified entities must have sufficient financial resources to acquire and operate the distributorship and have some experience in the confectionary business, either as a manufacturer, existing distributor or marketer of confectionery products, like chocolate and other gourmet candies. Contact for program details.