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European and Middle East Startup Opportunity in Highly Profitable Niche Business, Call 908.291.8190

Spinn Candy is a US based producer of gourmet flavored sugars for the cotton candy and general confectionary markets. We are now looking for EU and Middle East partners to expand our flavored sugar business. 

Spinn Candy's international agreements include exclusive sales and marketing rights for specified cities, countries and regions.

The bulk prepackaged cotton candy and premium quality flavored sugar businesses are niche businesses and are highly profitable with profit margins well above typical manufacturing and distribution industries.  

Our methods for starting and growing a profitable sugar distribution business is based on proven sales, marketing and manufacturing processes.

If you are searching for highly profitable niche business in your city, region or country try this may be the perfect business opportunity. 

We are targeting regions like the UK and all European countries. Our cotton candy startup fee starts depends on the size of the city or region.

Please contact our President and Owner, Tim Moran, tim@spinncandy.com for detailed information.