International Cotton Candy Startup and Gourmet Sugar Distribution Opportunities

Spinn Candy has created three unique business opportunities for major  International Cities/Regions. First, our Cotton Candy 'Startup Program'  provides everything required to start your own profitable cotton candy business.

This includes machine or machines built to International specifications, packaging, flavored gourmet sugars at international wholesale pricing, training, sales and marketing planning and long term consulting. In addition, you may secure an exclusive agreement for your city, region or country

The  second opportunity is to secure the exclusive wholesale and distribution rights for our gourmet flavored sugars. This exclusive distribution opportunity allows you to have sole distribution rights to our full line of gourmet sugars. We now have three such international agreements in place.

Our wholesale/ distributor sugar pricing will enable an exclusive distributor to re-sell on a profitable basis. We define a major international city as one with a population of 2 million or more people. 

The third opportunity available to the international market is for Spinn Candy to install a fully integrated sugar blending and cotton candy manufacturing facility. This third option would be an exclusive program for a major region or country.  

Our gourmet sugars can be marketed to candy stores, candy distributors, gourmet food stores, bakeries, catering companies, hotels and resorts and more. We have created an extensive line of gourmet sugars over the last 6 years and every one of our fifty plus flavors has been market tested and successfully sold to the above markets. In addition, we create new custom flavors for regional markets. 

We are interested in establishing international clients and partnerships in Puerto Rico, UK, Paris, London, Istanbul, Tokyo, Barcelona, Singapore, Madrid, Hong Kong, Rome, Seoul, South America, Malaysia, Philippines and other regions. If you have experience in the gourmet food and or candy business and wish to expand your line with our gourmet sugars please contact