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Gourmet Cotton Candy Floss Sugar, All 60 Flavors Hand Blended with Finest Ingredients

Spinn Candy hand blends superior floss sugars in 60 unique flavors that have been nine years in the making. Use code FIR15 for 1st order discount of 15% ends 1/20.   Free shipping to 48 states.

Choose from 60 premium cotton candy flavored sugars in the 12 jar and 20 jar- test packs, 6-2 pound (240 servings), 4 pound (70 servings servings), 4-4 pound (280 servings), 7 pound (100 servings), 4-7 pound bulk (400 servings), 10 pound bulk (150 servings), 4-10 pound bulk (600 servings). Check our line of 12 new chocolate floss flavors.

Our premium sugars are special blended with natural ingredients and the purest grade of granulated sugar, ultra refined, that is processed with no preservatives or chemicals and are gmo, soy, gluten, dairy and peanut and peanut tree free.

Testimonial: 'We have an online cotton candy shop and recently started using Spinn Candy sugars and added 10 new flavors. Their quality is superior and we now use them 100%. Highly recommend them! Jenn S., Nashville, TN.