Gourmet Cotton Candy Flavored Sugar Floss, Allergen Free, 60 Unique Flavors, Free Next Day Shipping

Spinn Candy produces gourmet flavored floss sugar for cotton candy businesses, concessions, candy stores and online stores in sixty unique sugar flavors. You can select from 2 pound, 4 pound, 7.5 pound and 10.5 pound containers with free next day shipping to all US locations plus low flat rates to Canada. Check our sale prices good thru 7/30.

All 60 premium sugar flavors are hand blended with the highest purity commercial grade organic sugar and natural ingredients and are 100% allergen free. 

Our gourmet sugars spin amazingly soft and fluffy cotton candy with the perfect balance of taste, color and texture. Our 10, 20 and 30 jar sugar packs are perfect for special events and flavor testing. Only Spinn Candy  makes custom sugar flavors. 

Testimonial. 'We recently started our cotton candy business and we attribute most of our initial growth to Spinn Candy's high quality sugars. Give them a try and don't look back. You won't regret it.' Jennifer F. , Rochester, NY.

Testimonial. 'I've tried them all and the bottom line is my sales and profits have exploded using Spinn Candy sugars. No one makes their range of flavors, all at the same price.' Tony M., San Antonio, Texas.

Testimonial. 'Spinn Candy sugar flavors are amazing! We now use Spinn Candy exclusively for all of our events and online cotton candy sales. We highly recommend Spinn Candy for their quality and customer service.