Gourmet Flavored Floss Sugars, 60 Unique Flavors , Free Next Day Shipping, 15% off First Order

Spinn Candy is a specialty producer of gourmet flavored floss sugars. Use code FIRST for 15% discount on your first order of $100 or more. Now offering free next day shipping. Call or contact us for bulk pricing.

You can buy our flavored sugars online in the 2 pound ( 30 servings ), 4 pound ( 60 servings ) 7.0 pound ( 100 servings ) and a 10.0 pound  (150 servings) containers.

All 60 unique sugar floss flavors are hand blended with the highest purity grade organic sugar that processed with no chemicals or preservatives and all natural flavorings making your cotton candy with amazing taste and texture.

Out top fall flavors are pumpkin spice, caramel, maple, bourbon, cinnamon, chili, black cherry, champagne, Irish cream, red raspberry and cheesecake.

Our premium cotton candy sugars are gmo, gluten, dairy and peanut and peanut tree free. If you want a special unique flavor just specify in the notes space on the order page.

Our 12 @ 20 flavor packs are perfect for smaller parties and flavor testing. 

(Click here for prepackaged cotton candy)

Testimonial. 'We recently started our cotton candy business and we attribute most of our initial growth to Spinn Candy's high quality sugars. Give them a try and don't look back. You won't regret it.' Jennifer F. , Rochester, NY.