Gourmet Cotton Candy Flavored Sugars, Free Next Day Shipping Minimum $100 Order

Spinn Candy produces gourmet flavored floss sugar for cotton candy businesses, bakeries and candy stores. You can choose from 6 container options perfect for all size events, 12oz, 40 oz, 70 oz, 130 oz, 180 oz containers and a 40 pd bulk container that serves 600. Free next day shipping with reduced shipping rates on flavored sugars to Canada.

Our 60 unique flavors are hand blended with the highest purity commercial grade sugar and natural ingredients. All sugar floss flavors are 100% allergen free  including soy,  gmo, gluten, dairy, peanut and peanut tree. 

Spinn Candy gourmet sugars spins cotton candy with amazingly superior taste, texture and color. Our 10, 20 and 30 flavored sugar packs are perfect for home cotton candy parties, events and flavor testing. Contact us for custom flavors for your special event or regional preference. Texas customers love our hot chili, jalapeno, whisky and pickle sugars.

See our 'START YOUR OWN COTTON CANDY BUSINESS' program. Email tim@spinncandy.com for program details. We offer exclusive startup programs and sugar distributorships for international cities, regions and countries. Contact us for information at 908.291.8190 or tim@spinncandy.com.

Testimonial. 'We recently started our cotton candy business and we attribute most of our initial growth to Spinn Candy's high quality sugars. Give them a try and don't look back. You won't regret it.' Jennifer F. ,Rochester, NY.

Testimonial. 'I've tried them all and the bottom line is my bottom line has never been better using Spinn Candy sugars. I only wish I had found them sooner. Tony M., San Antonio, Texas.