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Gourmet Flavored Cotton Candy Sugar Floss, 60 Unique Flavors, Free Next Day Shipping

Spinn Candy specializes in gourmet flavored cotton candy sugar floss for cotton candy businesses, candy stores, coffee shops and bakeries. We offer a variety of container sizes perfect for all types of parties and events, 12 oz., 40 oz., 70 oz., 140 oz., 180 oz., and 40 pound bulk containers for large events.

New are our 20 and 30 jar packs for parties and flavor testing. (1 ounce=1 large cone). Fall custom flavors are pumpkin spice,caramel and maple, all with natural flavoring. 

Choose from over 60 traditional and unique flavors all hand blended with ultra refined 100% pure granulated organic sugar, the highest purity commercial grade sugarand the highest quality natural ingredients. 

Our flavored gourmet sugars are gmo, gluten, dairy, peanut and peanut tree free. Turbo charge your sales spinning Spinn Candy premium sugars.

'My cotton candy business only spins Spinn Candy sugars. It has only been a few months but my business has grown rapidly! I attribute a good part of my success to Spinn Candy's superior product. Over time they have provided me with excellent customer service. Give them a try and don't look back! You will not regret it.' Jennifer Falanga, Rochester, NY.

If you are looking for additional income, see our 'START YOUR OWN COTTON CANDY BUSINESS' program. Our startup program is also offered internationally.  Contact us or call 908.291.8190 for information on our international startup and exclusive sugar distribution programs.