Tips on Spinning Our Sugars

All 60 flavors are hand blended with ultra fine pure granulated sugar and natural liquid ingredients, so the texture will vary slightly from flavor to flavor.

Most cotton candy machines have heat control knobs so you may need to vary the temperature slightly depending on the sugar flavor texture. 

The cotton candy should be spinning out of your machine light and fluffy with the temperature control set in the middle heat position. If is coming out super dry just adjust the heat control to a slightly higher heat position. This will make the cotton candy a bit heavier and less dry.

If the cotton candy is coming out too heavy and not as fluffy simply adjust the heat control to reduce the heat. So too dry more heat, too heavy less heat.

If you have a machine that spins from the top you don't have to turn the machine off to change flavors. Just burn the flavor out of the sugar bowl and add the next flavor. You may have to stop occasionally to clean excess sugar that collects in large aluminum bowl.

If you have a higher production machine ( 100 or more cones per hour ) you do need to turn the machine off between spins to refill the sugar bowl. You don't have to clean the sugar bowl between spins, just be sure to burn the existing flavor out before turning the machine off and refilling. 

We hope these tips will be helpful. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Cindy Moran, Chief Spinner