We know cotton candy sugars. We started by making our own flavored sugars to support our gourmet cotton candy business. That was our niche, gourmet. So, from our cotton candy beginnings we were committed to use the very best sugar and ingredients. Today our business is focused on growing the commercial side of our gourmet sugars.

We use a domestic ultra fine 100% pure cane sugar that is processed with zero preservatives and chemicals and natural ingredients. We blend our sugars twice to make sure all the ingredients are completely mixed.

Our flavor mixing is done fresh for every order and in ten pound batches. All new flavors are tested in our own cotton candy machines. Our flavors, our customers tell us, are the best commercial sugars for making cotton candy.

Over the past 7 years we have advanced our menu of flavors to over fifty. We produce both the traditional flavors and unique custom flavors. We also prepare special flavors for specific regions or markets. For example, our popular Texas flavors include, hot chili, whiskey and pickle. 

The important advantage to you using Spinn Candy sugars is not only making happy customers but also you can earn additional profit. The gourmet quality of our sugars plus the extensive menu of flavors allows you to sell more cotton candy and at a higher price point. Your customers will pay more for higher quality and unique flavors. We know from our own experience and because our customers tell us.

We also offer wholesale pricing on all our flavors on minimum orders of $500. We also ship our floss sugar internationally.