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Start Your Own Cotton Candy Business, Low Capital with High Profits

These are times that people are looking for ways to make additional income. The Spinn Candy startup program enables people to do just that, with very low upfront cash.

We are experts in every phase of the cotton candy business and e-commerce. Our competitive advantages become your competitive advantages leveraging our superior quality sugars plus our extensive menu of unique and fun flavors.


Flavors like champagne, mango, fudge, pickle, mojito, chili, whiskey, creamsicle and 54 more. Our startup program is a proven program with us working with you every step of the way reducing much of the stress and anxiety normally associated with starting a business.

The cotton candy business is a great business with high profit margins and a wide open market for a quality product. The other favorable aspect of this business it can be run from home with as few as one or two people either part or full time.

Included in our comprehensive startup program: 

* Commercial machine and accessories

* Twenty flavors of sugars (four pounds each- enough for 800 servings)

* Comprehensive sales and marketing plan

* Assistance in choosing company name and domaine name

* Complete professionally designed e-commerce website, Home + 3 pgs.

* Discounted pricing on sugar purchases

* Long term consulting as needed

* Protected market area for one year

Even on a part time basis (mostly weekends) our program will help generate $2000-$3000 in additional monthly income. We have one full time client that generated $30,000 in sales in one 12 day event.

Please contact us at 908.291.8190 or email tim@spinncandy.com to see if our program may be a good fit for you and your family. 

TESTIMONIAL: In early 2022 I reached to Spinn Candy and received information about their startup program. After a thorough review of the program benefits I decided to move forward with the program.

I felt the the upfront cost was reasonable for what I was getting in return. Not only that but the detailed sales and marketing plan was a great starting point that set us up for instant success.

We began our cotton candy business in May and with Spinn Candy's help we were able to make it into a huge 12 day event that launched our business.

Thoughout the whole process Spinn Candy was extremely responsive and communicative. They helped us set us up for success, including lengthy strategy sessions to cover exactly what we needed to do to get the most sales.

Because of the help and guidance we received we ended up the event with over $30,000 in sales.

Spinn Candy quality is very high and the flavors are strong as well. Nearly every single customer has said our cotton candy is the best they ever tasted. We now have over 1000 retail customers.

Overall I highly recommend Spinn Candy's product and their startup program. The cotton candy business is very profitable and fun. 

Chris Wright, Vancouver WA.