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The cotton candy business is one of the most profitable home operated businesses and our comprehensive startup program includes everything you need to have a fast and successful startup. 

The cotton candy business is a wonderful home business for you and your family members. Whether part time to supplement your existing income or full time as a new profitable revenue generator the demand for premium quality cotton candy is stronger than ever.

We direct you to the best target markets to include events, party favors, commercial prepackaged, fundraising and much more, as part of a detailed, comprehensive sales and marketing plan. We supply everything you need plus the benefit of our many years successfully selling cotton candy and gourmet sugars.

The Spinn Candy startup program creates creates your ultimate  competitive advantage, a superior product in 80 unique and delicious flavors. 

If you are considering starting a business for yourself, children or grandchildren contact us now at 908.291.8190 or email