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Start Your Own Cotton Candy Business

Did you know the cotton candy business is one of the most profitable home businesses? For example, we have a client that grossed $250,000 in sales for one 30 day event. It is not uncommon for spinners to gross $5000 a day at large regional or state events.

It is very low overhead, operating with just a few people. You can sell to both the retail and/or wholesale markets both generating high profit margins and ready cash flow.

Our superior quality and extensive menu of unique sugar flavors will be your unparalleled competitive advantage. Our sugars will ensure higher sales and price points.

Our startup program is designed for people willing to spend full time building a viable business for the long term. We have the expertise to get you started fast avoiding many of the mostly mistakes made in startups.

Our startup program starts at $5000 and includes 100% of what you need for a fast and profitable startup. We accept one client per month. Please email tim@spinncandy.com or call 980.291.8190 for more information.