Our Commitment to Quality

What makes Spinn Candy sugars superior? Simply put we don't compromise on quality and our quality standards apply to all sixty flavors. 

Using the premise 'quality in quality out' we buy only the purest form of granulated sugar. Pure cane sugar that is processed with no preservatives or chemicals and has super fine sugar granules.

Our premium grade sugar is blended with the highest quality ingredients. Our exacting blending process ensures not only superior flavor but texture that promotes excellent spinning and cotton candy that is amazingly soft and fluffy.

Our blending practice is actually a double blend that completely saturates the sugar granules with flavor. Every sugar order is made at the time of the order. We do not produce to stock. 

All flavored sugars are packaged in metallic pouches with zipper closures. Our sugars have a minimum of a six month shelf life when properly stored.

Many of our unique flavors were initially requested as custom flavors. Flavors like chili watermelon, chocolate coffee and pink champagne were all special request flavors.

Our sugars are 100% allergen free and In the ten years in the sugar business we processed the equivalent of over two million servings of cotton candy and have never had a single issue or complaint related food allergies.