Fundraising for Schools

The great advantage of using cotton candy as a fundraiser is that everyone loves cotton candy, especially Spinn Candy's gourmet 100% allergen free cotton candy. 

Our target fundraising markets are schools. Elementary, middle school and high schools make very high profits selling our cotton candy because we offer traditional ( blue raspberry and pink vanilla ) and unique flavors, large heat seal packages, guarantee on freshness, fast turnaround and low pricing.

In addition to fundraising schools will often sell our cotton candy packaged in metallic pouches for concession sales at all types of sporting events.

The package size of our fundraiser package is 2.0 ounces which is double the size of the run of the mill low quality cotton candy most companies sell. Most of the companies selling bulk sell only 3 or 4 flavors and use the cheapest available sugar and additives. Their product is not allergen free and has little flavor. 

Because we use the highest quality organic sugar and natural ingredients our cotton candy is free of all food allergens and has amazing flavor. So the schools can market the higher quality of our product and the variety of fun, unique flavors to sell at a higher price point per package.

Parents and students will absolutely be able to sell our gourmet floss at a premium of $1.00 to $2.00 per package, with the average selling price of $5.00 per package. Some schools, depending on the demographics, will have of selling price of up to $7.00 per package. Our pricing will vary depending on the number of flavors, total packages and the shipping cost. 

The minimum markup on the premium floss candy is 100% to 150%. One of our regular school customers, 1200 students, sold 900 packages with a total profit of $2700. We also offer contract pricing with schools that have several fundraisers per year.

Spinn Candy makes school fundraising super fun and profitable. If you are looking for a great fundraiser product there is none better than our fresh, flavorful prepackaged cotton candy. For pricing and delivery information contact or call 908.291.8190.