Higher Profits

Increase your total cotton candy profits with a combination of higher unit sales and price points. Our competitive advantage of higher quality and extensive menu of custom flavors will become your competitive advantage. 

Most event cotton candy vendors offer blue and pink flavors. When you offer additional flavors like peach, marshmallow, pink champagne and caramel you will sell more cotton candy AND at a higher price.

Take an event where you would typically sell 300 spun cones at $4.00 each, $1200 in gross sales. Selling Spinn Candy custom flavors will allow you to sell 400 cones at $5.00 each or $2000 in gross sales, a 66%. Even if you kept the price at $4.00 your gross sales would be $1600, a 30% increase in sales. 

You can market your cotton candy quality and expanded flavors into a 30-60% increase in sales and profits. Start making more money for the same time and effort. Call us at 908.291.8190 for wholesale pricing.