Increase Your Sales and Profits with Spinn Candy Gourmet Sugars

By using Spinn Candy gourmet floss sugars you have the opportunity to greatly increase your sales and profits. Most cotton candy sold at fairs and other public events is the classic blue and pink, no other choices.

In addition, the quality of the product and packaging is inferior. Most blue and pink cotton candy is made from the cheapest sugar available, either an unknown generic sugar or beet sugar.

Spinn Candy uses only the purest quality commercial grade sugar, ultra refined pure granulated. Our commitment to using the finest quality ingredients means your customers will be experiencing the best tasting cotton candy they have ever had. Better taste equals increased sales.

You can promote our high quality on your website providing you with a well defined competitive advantage. More and more people are asking for allergen free.

We have spend the last 9 years expanding our flavor offering to over 60 unique floss flavors. Flavors like hot chili, pickle, marshmallow, bourbon, champagne, lemonade, raspberry cheesecake, cinnamon apple, pumpkin spice and many many more. 

Can you imagine how excited your customers will be seeing such unique flavors at your next event? They will be thrilled. By selling uniquely flavored cotton candy you will have another powerful competitive advantage.

The bottom line for you and your cotton candy business is greater sales and higher price points. Run your numbers including a 25% increase in units sold and a 25% increase in selling price. 

So, for example, let's say you sell 2000 cones or packages a month at $3.00 per unit. That's $6000 in gross sales. Now calculate your additional sales by 25% and you now have 2500 units sold, which now becomes $7500 in sales.

Now increase your unit price to $3.50 each based on your unique flavor offering and your gross sales are up to $8750, a whopping 45% increase in gross sales. So by using Spinn Candy's high quality and fantastic choice of flavors you would make an additional $33,000 per year. How great is that!!