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Increase Your Sales and Profits Using Spinn Candy Premium Sugars

By using Spinn Candy gourmet floss sugars you have the opportunity to greatly increase your sales and profits. Most cotton candy sold at fairs and other public events is the classic blue and pink. Over the past nine years we have created a unique menu of over 60 flavors. More flavors means more sales.

Spinn Candy uses only the purest quality commercial grade sugar, ultra refined pure granulated. Our commitment to using the finest quality ingredients means your customers will be experiencing the best tasting cotton candy they have ever had. Superior taste equals increased sales.

We have spend the last 9 years expanding our flavor offering to over 60 unique floss flavors. Flavors like hot chili, pickle, marshmallow, bourbon, champagne, lemonade, raspberry cheesecake, cinnamon apple, pumpkin spice and many many more. 

If you are looking for the ultimate competitive advantage you have found it with Spinn Candy premium sugars.