Increase Your Sales and Profits Using Spinn Candy Flavored Sugars!

Our clients enjoy higher sales and profits using Spinn Candy cotton candy sugars for two reasons.

First, we use the highest quality commercial grade sugar that is processed with no preservatives or chemicals. We hand blend with the finest natural ingredients ensuring our sugars are 100% free of all food allergens. 

In addition, because we use such fine quality ingredients and hand blend our floss has amazingly superior flavor. Flavor that you can smell and taste. From an overall quality standpoint you can market these quality factors to your competitive advantage on your website and advertising.

Second, we now offer over 75 traditional and unique flavors. Our large flavor offering enables you to greatly expand your cotton candy flavor menu which you can also promote in all social media advertising.

The bottom line is that our proven superior quality, flavor and amazing menu of flavors enables our customers to achieve higher sales, price points and profits.