Our Start Up Program Is A Great Success

About 18 months ago Spinn Candy developed a cotton candy startup program. Our goal was to build a national network of cotton candy businesses that would ultimately become a steady buyer of our line of 50 gourmet sugars. 

Our program has been successful beyond our expectations. Today we have helped establish 8 domestic cotton candy businesses and 1 international business. The international company also is our sole distributor of flavored sugars in their region.

Every one of our start up clients is now a happy and loyal customer of our gourmet sugars. We have clients in California, Texas, Colorado, North and South Carolina, Minn., NJ and PA. 

The advantages of starting a cotton candy business include, running it from home and avoiding unnecessary overhead, it can include other family members, it requires less than $5000 in total startup costs, cotton candy made from our gourmet sugars is far superior, the business is very profitable and almost everyone loves cotton candy. 

Our program includes the purchase of all equipment and supplies, a 3 month supply of our premium sugars, sales and marketing support, training and long term consulting. If you would like more information about our successful startup program please Contact Us