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Spinn Candy's standing in the cotton candy and flavored sugar business is based on one constant, consistently high quality. Since 2013 Spinn Candy has established itself as the premier floss supplier to cotton candy businesses.

We have provided over two million servings of cotton candy and flavored sugar equivalent without a single issue, complaint or claim on quality related to any type of allergy, not one. Our sugars are 100% allergen free because we use the finest ingredients.

The high quality 100% pure granulated sugar we use in our blending is processed with no preservatives or chemicals and is the purest commercial grade sugar available.

In addition, we use the finest natural ingredients which, along with the sugar, are all 100% allergen free. We blend all of our unique flavors in house with zero contamination from any other food products.

All flavors are blended in small batches fresh for individual orders. We do not produce for stock, only orders. Our exactly blending process ensures your floss sugars will have consistent flavor, color and texture from one order to the next.

All of our sugars are made fresh and are packaged in a heat sealed zipper closed 4 mil metallic pouch. Once you use a sugar flavor just zip up the pouch to keep the sugar 100% fresh for your next event.

Every one of our 60 plus flavors is ordered on a regular basis and many of our flavors began as special request flavors for specific regions or events.

It is very rare that we cannot produce a special request sugar flavor. We actually ship flavors like mojito, saffron passion fruit to our Middle East customers.

Well, that about covers it.  We are passionate about quality. We want all of our customers customer's to rave about the best cotton candy they have ever had, which we guarantee it will be.