Customer Reviews, 'The Proof Is in the Pudding'

Spinn Candy sugars have awesome flavor but the smell is wonderful and unmistakable to the flavor we are spinning. For us the smell is as important as the taste. Spinn Candy sugars are the best on both fronts.
Sandra P., Austin, Tx.

We have been using Spinn Candy sugars for years because of their high quality. We have tried other suppliers and Spinn Candy sugars have the best flavor, hands down! Give them a try and don't look back. You won't regret it.

Sandy F., Marietta, Ga.

We recently added cotton candy to our shaved ice business and it is the best decision we ever made! We couldn't have done it without Spinn Candy's help and the many flavors they offer.

Randi Owens, SC

Great product! Wicked good flavor. We are using almost 20 of their flavors and plan to add more.

Peter Wei, Abilene, TX

Spinn Candy sugars are the best we have tried. Their quality and customer service has been wonderful! They are now our 100% sugar vendor.

Rita Lopez, Albany, NY